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Debate pages on Debatepedia are based on a unique pro/con "logic tree" structure. Debates start with a main "yes"/"no" question. The pro/"yes" and con/"no" arguments are then divided into a split screen with pros on the left and cons on the right. Subquestions help organize the pros and cons of often large debates into more chewable parts (economic, social, legal...).

In coordination between IDEA, Debatemedia Inc., and an Indian firm called QuadOne, Debatepedia has developed special software so that you can effectively manipulate Debatepedia's unique "logic tree" architecture on debate pages. With this software, editors can:

  • Shift up or down subquestion sections and their contents (arrow icons): This is important for structuring: moving around the subquestion, sub-debate sections so that the "logical" flow of a debate is maintained. Typically, the most important sub-debates within a larger debate should appear at the top.
  • Insert new subquestion sections (box icon): Because there are varying numbers of sub-debates within a debate, users must be able to add new subquestions sections. The box icon allows for this. When you click on it, you will be taken to a window that asks you to "write subquestion here", whereupon you can write-out the subquestion you intend to pose and click "save question" at the bottom of the window, or you can fore go writing the subquestion (maybe you want to add the section first) and just click "save question" at the bottom of the window.
  • Delete old or unneeded subquestions (red icon): Users must also be able to delete old subquestion section shells that are no longer needed.

WARNING: Debate pages have table code that creates the pro/con structure of these pages. Do not delete or alter this code. Furthermore, if you click on the editing pencil for the "yes" box, for example, you will see the table code for the "no" box on that page. Make sure to add content above this table code, and below ====Yes====. If you write content below this code, the content will actually appear in the "no" box.

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