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The western women actually represents Men's Liberation

The women in the west may seem to be liberated,but actually she is being deceived by psuedo-liberation.Consider some of the shackles in which the women in west are chained up .

The urge to look good The women in west are bonded by mental slavery . She has to please her masters through dieting, applying cosmetics right from early teenage and even when she has passed her fiftees.The diet industry is worth 33 billions a year dollars,amazing, isnt it? Girls right from 10 years to 60 plus stay hungry and starve in the name of dieting and that is an industry now! The weight watchers' website has billions of members through its 2000 plus centres making women starve. No wonder today's western women can be labeled as the anorexic generation. What makes her do that? The western women is programmed to believe that her figure is her currency that will help her earn fame and wealth.

Barring a few examples like R.K dowling, A large number of working women in US are those who are without husband and are left out by their husbands or boy friends  . These poor women are  left alone with their babies or growing up children to  be fed.. the males then  go away looking for younger and beautiful girls in the green pastures.

Subjugation Through Education This may seem unbelievable but it is a fact.

The western women believes that education has gifted them liberation.Are degrees and jobs really qualified to be mascots of liberation? Take a notice of the plight of girls working and also those in campus. The BBC pays 6,500 dollars less than males to the female news readers, a female advocate earns less than her male counterpart. The only career in which a woman can earn more than a male is prostitution and modelling. Maria Saharapova earns more in modelling than male players. The world cup soccer is beautified by cheer leaders, and girlfriends of stars.You can cannot sell even a pen if you dont allure your customers through a beautiful model.

Crime against women is on all time high

According to FBI 2713 rapes takes place in the US every day! And this rapes happen to women from all walks of life.In offices, in campus, during parties, dates etc.And how many rapist are punished?The statistics say only 5 percent.If raping of women is not subjugation then I don't know what else is worse than this subjugation. Add up the statistics of domestic crimes, rapes,teenage pregnancies, dumped by boyfriends and husbands, and you will get a mountainous size of pain and suffering of the western women.It is a women who is the looser in these cases.

Liberation is there but

It is actually men who enjoys the fruits of women's liberation. He is liberated to see her body in various seductive forms,he is liberated to enjoy her body and then dump her without caring about her pregnancy and child that she would bear.In the classroom he teaches her lessons in liberation and along with her. In the news papers and glossy magazines she reads about saucy articles and her mind is programmed to think that looks are the best and the most important qualification for a girl to succeed. From Cinderella to Bat women every fantasy heroine is alluring her to posses looks like them.From Sharapova to Hollywood heroines every one encourages her to cash her beauty. She is made to believe that her looks are assets. How many women are involved in prostitution? Do you say that they are doing because they enjoy it? no many have to run their homes. The British newspapers report that England to have wet nurses in all sschools even in primary. The duty of these nurses would be to help gilrs get rid of unwanted pregnancy without the knowledge of their parents. Is this liberation?A women is the west is always under the stress about her future. She is not sure when her husband or boyfreind would go for abetter girl. Divorces in West are all time high.She doesnt not have to work hard only but also she has to return back home and look after the kitchen, children's studies etc.While a man has to reutrn home or he can go to club for refreshments or take a new girlfreind.

                    Is she really protected or requires more protection?

Geração Paz e amor

Você acredita que os ideais de paz-e-amor ainda podem mudar o mundo?

i don't know how i can use


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