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Essay by User:Oracle

I have been really amazed at how ignorrant and blind that the american people have become. I am also amazed at how arrogant the government has been regarding drugs. the information and facts have been staring the american public in the face for generations, the potential of income and revenue to get rid or lessen the financial burden and get the country out of debt has been staggering. But because of the hang ups that this country has no wonder americans can be considered by most as a bunch of village idiots. Have you not seen the comercials and studies that young people are using what they find in medicine cabinets more and more. Prescription drugs are more harmful and cause dibilitating side effect far more life threatening than any illegal drug out there. Lets examine the "illegal" drugs for a moment. The only reason that illegal drugs are illegal is because a group of people got together and seperated drugs into groups and said that these are legal and those aren't. The argument that marijuanna is a gateway drug is an argument that has been falsly placed on the american people for far too long. and as good little people we have hungrily swallowed that line of feces for far too long and let it get ingrained into our right and wrong. Tobacco and alchohol have desroyed more families, and peoples lives than marijuanna. But they are legal. More people have died as a result of alchohol, if alchohol is so safe and legal why is their checkpoints, and groups like MADD devoted to stopping people from driving drunk, because that is driving under the influence. same laws can apply if marrijuanna is legal. drive loaded go to jail. Tobacco why are their warnings on packages and public knowledge that smoking can cause cancer. Why is the health care industry not going after ciggarette companies. Cancer costs in the health care industry are very high. The reason why alcohol is legal is because they tried for years to outlaw it, you should remember the name they called it Prohibition. That didn't pan out too well so they let it be legal again. So why the ban on something that has been shown to help alot of people. They argue that marijuanna is a soft drug that leads to harder drugs. That is a scare tactic because alcohol and ciggarettes are legal and these people are not all using harder drugs. If someone is going to use harder drugs they already have it in them to use it because maybe they want to find a way to rebel against parent so they get curious and start doing those hard drugs. Alot of people that have used and got addicted to hard drugs were alchoholics that wanted something more, people that tried these hard drugs and liked the high and kept doing it. But historically and they don't want you to know this is that when this country was founded. Marijuanna was grown in fields right next to tobacco. It was a cash crop. Something they could sell or trade to earn a living. Marijuanna is a natural seed bearing plant, and also an herb. There are many than just smoking. clothes made from hemp, ropes, jewlery, and so on. Also if people wanted to get into a biblical disscusion. It says in the Bible that we were given it, also it says that God said it was good. Here are a couple of verses to look at if you want. Genesis 1:11-12, and also genesis 1:29 Genesis is the first book in the bible called the old testament so just in case you have trouble finding it. Basically what he is saying is that he gave us all the seed bearing plants and herbs to use, he didn't specify how we were to use it. We could use it as we see fit. marijuanna is both a seed bearing plant and herb. In closing i would like to say that whichever side you are on don't be stupid do some reasearch and learn the facts..those opposed may have their blind eyes opened to some facts they didn't know and may after truly thinking and putting some unbiased thought may change their mind. Things won't change regarding marijuanna unless A greater number of people start waking up and realizing the actual truth and examine the smoke screen before their eyes, if tobacco and alchohol and prescription drugs are to remaine legal, then a hard look at marijuanna and legalization of it need to happen or tobacco and alchohol need to be outlawed since these can actually be considered hard drugs, because you have restrictions on when you can start using. If they were so harmless why pass laws regarding them and why decide when and what age you can handle them. Thank you. -- User:Oracle.

Comment by User:AtLiberty

For me smoking or vaporizing is the only choice. Believe it or not I am allergic to touching it or eating it. Once at a trimming party I touched my bare arms after touching the plant and my skin broke out and became red. Male pollen gave me an asthmatic attack where I could hardly breath and I lost my voice temporarily. I drank marijuana seed milk and I broke out beat red had an asthma attack and stomach pain. The last time I ate marijuana cookies I had to lay down and curl up in a ball, I forced myself to drink large amounts of water and it eventually went away. I probably should have went to the doctor but I suffer through it sooner than explain it to them. I've had clinical major depression and debilitating back pain. Marijuana cannabis has helped both. There is no way for anybody to convince me otherwise because what I have just wrote is based on personal observation and experience, not police state and pharmaceutical corporate profit ideology.

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