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Press release: Debatepedia works with The People Speak on climate change debate

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Debatepedia works with The People Speak on climate change debate

Washington, DC – March 12, 2009 - Debatepedia and the International Debate Education Association (IDEA) haves collaborated with the United Nations Foundation’s The People Speak on a significant debate resource surrounding the responsibilities of developed and developing countries in combating climate change.

The People Speak’s Global Debates is holding a youth debate contest in March based on the following topic: “Developed countries have a higher obligation to combat climate change”. In coordination with The People Speak, Debatepedia has developed an extensive article that documents the pros and cons of this public debate. The resource helps frame the pro and con arguments being made by national leaders, international commentators, major newspapers, and respective intellectuals and experts.

Debatepedia’s extensive pro/con article helps The People Speak’s high school debaters from around the world gather arguments and debate with greater depth. The article also acts as an aid for citizens and leaders around the world to deliberate and take a stand in this important debate.

View Debatepedia’s pro/con article here:

View Debatepedia mainpage for more on collaboration:!

View The People Speak's Global Debates page here:

Press contact: Brooks Lindsay Founder of Debatepedia 206 406 7558 Brooks [at] debatepedia [dot] org

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