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Press release: Debatepedia completes world’s best pro/con earmarks resource

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Debatepedia completes world’s most comprehensive pro/con resource on earmarks

Summary: Debatepedia, “the Wikipedia of pros and cons”, completed on March 26th a comprehensive article on the pros and cons of earmarks. The article coincides with an expanded debate on the subject during the global economic crisis and the significant bailout and spending programs that followed.

Washington, DC. USA – March 30th, 2009 - For the significant public debate regarding earmarks, Debatepedia - a project of the International Debate Education Association (IDEA) - has drawn from over twenty of the most prominent pro and con position pieces and resources on the topic, distilling the debate into just under 20 pro and 20 con arguments. It is important that citizens understand ALL the pros and cons of earmarks and whether they should be maintained (albeit possibly reformed) or whether they should be abandoned altogether.

Many respected minds and leaders disagree regarding the value of earmarks. It is a difficult topic. Only through a systematic and comprehensive examination of all the pros and cons can we draw an overall conclusions. Once again, Debatepedia provides such an opportunity with the most comprehensive pro/con breakdown available of the earmarks debate. Any engaged citizen, journalist, and leader will find value in this resource.

Debatepedia is “the Wikipedia of pros and cons”. Via the same wiki technology powering Wikipedia, it crowd-sources the documentation of public debates and pro/con arguments being made in newspapers, editorials, opinion pieces, speeches, and books. Its mission is to “clarify public debates globally”.

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