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Press release: Debatepedia completes best pro/con guide on US joining the ICC

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Summary: Debatepedia's community completed on June 30th the most comprehensive pro/con guide available on whether the United States and other non-member states should join the International Criminal Court. It offers the guide to the Obama administration and the American public as a resource for deliberating and making a choice.

June 30th, 2009. Washington, DC - With the election of Barack Obama, the United States is once again faced with the question of whether to ratify the Rome Treaty and join the International Criminal Court. This important choice comes after the Clinton administration ultimately rejected the Rome Treaty in 1998 and after 8 years of bitter opposition by the Bush administration to the court. Nevertheless, the war crimes court was established in 2002, and with 108 member states and a growing list of successes, advocates of the court are ramping up their call for the US to join. At a moment when the president-elect Obama must fully deliberate and form a position on the ICC, Debatepedia has created the most comprehensive break-down of the pros and cons to date. With 13 sub-debate sections, 68 pros and cons, and a comprehensive body of supporting quotations from the primary scholars and leaders involved, Debatepedia’s ICC article acts as a definitive resource for the Obama team and the American public to deliberate and decide. Will the United States join the International Criminal Court?

Debatepedia is a global wiki encyclopedia of public debates, pro and con arguments, and supporting quotations. A project of the International Debate Education Association (IDEA), Debatepedia is something like "the Wikipedia of pros and cons". It aims to engage you and other citizen-editors in centralizing your original arguments - as well as arguments and quotations found in millions of articles, essays, and books - into a single encyclopedia. This helps you and other citizens better weigh the pros and cons in important public debates and make decisions.

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