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Contacting Debatepedia editors for one-on-one help

  • Brooks Lindsay, founder and editor. You can contact Brooks for one-on-one help in the following ways:
    • User page. - Write a message on his discussion page.
    • Email: brooks [at] debatepedia [dot] org.
    • Phone: 206 406 7558
    • Instant messenger: Feel free to communicate with me by instant messenger. I am eager to walk anyone through editing on Debatepedia, so don't hold back.
      • Google screen name: bhlindsay
      • Yahoo screen name: bhl4lindsay.
      • MSN live: bhl4lindsay, Brooks.
  • Technical Assistance and Bug Reporting - Direct all non-editorial technical questions or website issues to

General help

This page is intended as a portal to the pages where you can find the answers to your questions or difficulties. If you want to ask a particular question of Debatepedia administrators, go to the help desk.

Here is a list of the central help or about pages on Debatepedia, that will hopefully be able to provide you with what you are looking for.

Problem with the site? 

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