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Sub-debate sections are an important element of Debatepedia articles. They help frame the sub-debates that occur within a larger debate. Below is an example of a sub-debate section within the larger universal health care debate

The main debate question is: Is single-payer (government-funded) free universal health care a good idea?

The below sub-debate section frames a smaller portion of the debate. The "sub-question" that heads the section helps "break down" the main debate question. And, as a result, arguments and counter-arguments can be seen side-by-side, and not merely in long lists of pros and cons.

Uninsured: Do large numbers of uninsured give cause to universal health care?



  • Many uninsured are lazy free-loaders who don't deserve care Many uninsured are simply lazy, and believe they can get a free ride off of the system. These people do not deserve free, universal care from the system.
  • Universal health care would amount to welfare for the uninsured. The government should not create a health care system that is aimed primarily at helping the poor and uninsured. As such, it becomes merely another wealth-transfer program.

To understand how to manipulate this structure in debate pages, see Manipulating debate pages

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