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Users can create actors pages where they can list the positions of the key players in existing debates on Debatepedia. Actors pages utilize the same pro/con structure and software as a debate page. But, their mission is to reveal the myriad of positions held by scholars, experts, leaders, think-tanks, and others in a debate, almost like a survey. These pages help answer the questions, "who" is involved in a particular debate, what interests are involved, etc.

Creating and naming new actors pages

Creating positions pages is just like creating debate pages. But, in this case, different titles are employed to denote an article as being a positions page opposed to a debate page. (View Debatepedia:Creating New Pages for instruction on the process of creating a debate page/position page). The title will be exactly the same as the existing debate page, but with (actors) tact onto the end of it. So, the following would be the difference between a debate paqe and a debate's actors page.

  • Debate:Cap and Trade vs. Carbon Tax
  • Debate:Cap and Trade vs. Carbon Tax (actors)

Questions and main questions

The main questions and subquestions on actors pages are slightly different than on regular pages.

  • A main question might be: Where do the actors stand in the debate, "Is capital punishment right?"
  • Subquestions might look like:
    • Where does the British government stand?
    • Where do the economists stand?
    • Where do the unions stand?
    • Where do the Republicans stand?

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