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Argument: Internet access is hugely important, but not a right

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Supporting quotations

Dana Blankenhorn. "The fundamental value of Internet access." ZDNet. May 8th, 2009: "Internet access [...] is fundamental to my childrens’ interactions with the world. It defines their economic utility, their ability to learn, even many of their social relationships.

Enabling that, or disabling that, is not a question of 'rights,' but it is fundamental.

It is fundamental to our future as a nation that everyone have the best possible access to this resource. Just as it’s fundamental they have a way to get around on our road system.

You don’t have a “right” to drive but we know that if you can’t you are handicapped. Those who can’t drive and don’t live near public transportation are economically isolated, unable to get to work, to school, or to shop.

Unless, of course, they have Internet access, which offers all those things. The better the access, the better for everyone.

The Internet, in other words, is the real bridge to the 21st century, and those without it can’t cross. It’s not a fundamental right, but it is fundamental."

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