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Argument: Business-wedded Republican party receives bulk of issue ad support

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Supporting quotations

Speaking at the National Press Club Thursday, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) called the partisan spending around issue ads indicative of the GOP's legislative agenda: "I assume that when you have big banks, big oil and big insurance, there is a reason why so much independent expenditure is taking place on the Republican side."[1]

"Ignore that $800,000 behind the curtain." Economist Blog. Oct 4th 2010: "THE Washington Post reports that Republican groups funded by anonymous donations are kicking the Democrats' keisters this year in independent campaign advertising. Independent groups that don't have to report their donors have spent $80m so far, against just $16m in the entire 2006 mid-terms, and the spending leans 7 to 1 in support of Republicans. Who's funding it? That's the point: we don't know. But it certainly enables some great campaign strategery."

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